Portable power supply device for emergency use

Orion Auto Craft

Tribrid charging method

Suitable for charging from three different sources: AC adapters, solar panels, and cigarette lighter sockets.
When charging from a cigarette lighter socket, there is an electric power input response, with the amount of electric power kept within a rated value by a protective fuse on the side of the cigarette lighter socket.
AC 100 V/250 W, sine wave output, can be charged at temperatures down to -20℃, can be stored at temperatures down to -30℃
Including WSC10008 x 2 and 13.2 V/35 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery

  • background

    Guarantee a more reliable power supply in emergencies!
    Orion Auto Craft were already using our charging modules, and proposed a collaborative project with Waka when they saw an article about our DIGOROU prototype in the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun.
  • problem

    Because charging is possible not just from solar panels and AC adapters but cigarette lighter sockets, it was necessary to change WSC specifications so that the fuse on the vehicle side would not blow.
  • solution

    Orion Auto Craft fitted two WSC10008s to cope with tribrid charging, and one of these was customized with a current limiter in line with the capacity of the cigarette lighter socket. One of the reasons they chose the WSC series was because it could handle customization in line with their request.