Types of digital interface

  • USB(Universal Serial Bus)

    Including USB-A, USB-B, mini-USB, micro-USB, USB 3.0, and more, we have gathered together an extensive line-up in response to customer needs, from standard products to products that conform to the latest standards.

    PC / PC peripherals, flat-screen TVs, DVD / Blu-ray players / recorders, digital audio, mobile terminals, consumer products, industrial equipment, etc.
  • HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

    It is an inter-device interface for video that requires high resolution. We also have a line-up of mini-HDMI connectors that are compatible with compact video devices.

    Flat-screen TVs, DVD / Blu-ray players / recorders, camcorders, etc.
  • DVI(Digital Visual Interface)

    This video IO interface capitalizes on image quality in digital display equipment.

    Projectors, LCD monitors, PCs, etc.
  • ethernet cables(Ethernet)

    We have gathered together a range of ethernet cables compatible with everything from 10BASE to 10GBASE.

    PCs, surveillance cameras, high-speed communication equipment, LAN-related equipment, office equipment-related, measuring equipment, etc.
  • BNC(Bayonet Neill Concelman)

    We provide a range that includes substrate mount types, 75 Ω/50 Ω terminals, conversion adapters, and those for use with coaxial cables. They can be used in a wide variety of contexts, including for measurement use with easy attaching and detaching, for communication, and for video signals.

    Broadcasting equipment, communication equipment, industrial equipment, etc.