Power supply device for emergency use

DAIGOROU no. 2 prototype

AC 100V/1000 W sine wave output, DC 12 V output
Currently under development with the aim of being released as a product (specifications may be subject to change)
WSC10008, 4 x 30 W solar panels, 12.8 V/100 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery

  • background

    We want people to know more about the benefits of WSC!
    The spring of 2021 marked five years since we started work on developing the WSC series, and having expanded the series and revised the specifications in line with customer needs, thanks to those customers, the number of units being shipped has increased.
    Our desire is for the benefits of the WSC series to be more widely known and with that in mind, we began to brainstorm ideas to see if there might be more effective methods for PR.
  • problem

    The WSC series do not play leading roles in applications.
    Rather, they are small-scale parts whose role is behind the scenes, operating as part of the power supply for running applications.
    Even if they are on display at an exhibition, few visitors stop to look and there are few opportunities for providing an explanation.
    This is what led to us to brainstorm on the theme of how to spark our customers' interest so that they would say, "What's this?"
  • solution

    From ideas that were unusual to ideas that it would be impossible to realize, we narrowed down our list to the following:

    1. Being able to demonstrate WSC’s full capabilities.

    2. Featuring gimmicks that would incite customer interest.

    3. And something that could actually be used and be useful.
    Then, what we completed was the DAIGOROU no. 2 prototype. At the very moment the no. 1 prototype was completed, the COVID-19 pandemic caused exhibitions to be canceled and exhibitors to exercise self-restraint, and we were deprived of the opportunity to unveil the prototype. But on June 10, 2021, the DAIGOROU prototype was featured in an article in the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun and we began to receive inquiries from all directions, with many saying they would like to try using it for real.

    Now the employees responsible felt happier, thinking, “I wonder if…?!” They then proposed development of a no. 2 prototype to send out into the world as a durable product that is easy to move on rough terrain and cost effective, as well as being considerate to the environment.