Soft-rigid cables

  • background

    In the evaluation of semiconductor devices and wireless equipment, alongside accelerated communication speeds, the reproducibility and stability of measurement cables was seen as important because phase characteristics fluctuate due to cable bend and changes in temperature.
    There was a demand for measurement cables that were lightweight, flexible, and had high levels of phase stability.
  • problem

    In the case of cables with a braided wire structure, the braided wire loosens because of deterioration with age through bending, and reflection characteristics gradually worsen.
    The stability of phase characteristics also worsens.
    If the braiding in the braided wire is strengthened, the cable itself becomes harder, its usability worsens, and the load on the target for measurement becomes greater.
  • solution

    In order to solve these kinds of issues, Waka developed its soft-rigid cables, which are test cables for use in measurement based on our unique, low-loss semi-rigid cables.


    Superior practicality as cables for use in measurement
    Fulfilling high-frequency characteristics with excellent low loss and low reflection.
    Because the external conductors feature the same construction as semi-rigid cables, there is little deterioration with age and they have realized high levels of measurement reproducibility.


    Excellent phase stability
    With their unique design, Waka’s soft-rigid cables have high phase stability in relation to bending.


    Lightweight and flexible
    Because of their semi-rigid cable construction, our soft-rigid cables are finished to be lightweight, weighing just over 40 g per 1,000 mm of cable, and while ensuring stability of form, in terms of their flexibility, they have realized over 500 repetitions at R40 mm in 360-degree bending tests.


    Cables and connector products are manufactured together at Waka in-house, with standard lengths set from 300 mm upward. Response to tight delivery deadlines is also possible.
    Applications are also possible with all kinds of connector, from milli-wave to microwave.

    It is now possible to provide excellent value for money in comparison with normal, high-cost test cables.

  • uses

    Inspection jigs for the mass production of 5G antenna modules, radio wave darkrooms, shield boxes, vector network analyzers, high-frequency testing equipment