01K1357-00 PLB/P

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Product Name PLB/P
Model No. 01K1357-00
Use for Cable
Type Plug
Material BS
Finish Au
Terminal type
Frequency DC~12.4GHz
Cable type Semi-Flexible SXL-36
Remarks Sold together with cable only.

Connectors Specifications

項目:Requirement 規格:Specification
電気的性能Electrical 特性インピーダンス:Characteristic Impedance 50Ω
電圧定在波比:V.S.W.R.. DC〜12.4GHz Max 1.07+0.01f f:frequency range(GHz)
挿入損失:Insertion Loss DC〜12.4GHz Max 0.1√f dB  f:frequency range(GHz)
絶縁抵抗:Insulation Resistance DC 500V Min 5000MΩ
耐電圧:Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000V rms at Sea Level
接触抵抗:Contact Resistance AC 50mA Max 4mΩ
結合部着脱力:Force to Engage and Disengage Max 6kg
中心コンタクト保持力:Center Contact Mating Min 150g
中心コンタクト固定力:Center Contact Retention Min 2kg axial , Min 170g-cm radial
コンタクト寿命:Contact Disconnect Life 500 Matings Contact Resistance Max 4mΩ

This specification covers the typical items among the PLB connectors. Inquire separately for detailed specifications.
Please contact us for the cable assembly's specifications.

Regarding abbreviation symbols within the tables
SUS:Stainless steel (SUS303) BS:Brass Pv:Passivate Au:Gold plating Ni:Nickel plating
♦:Standard Type
Note : The frequency inscriptions on each connector do not correspond for all product numbers