Waka’s renewable energy business at present

Development Department Shuji Todoriki

With an acceleration in the international community toward working on the accomplishment of SDGs, renewable energy is receiving a new level of attention. Waka is focused on the targeting of compact solar power generation systems, and as modules, it is providing products with extremely high performance and excellent value for money.

Our WSC series of solar charge modules is targeted at systems fitted with lithium-ion batteries. It can handle the charging of lithium-ion batteries, which compare favorably with lead storage batteries in terms of the number of repeated charges, weight, and storage capacity.


Even among lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are easy to obtain and in terms of their life span, provide value for money when compared with lead storage batteries. Our solar charge modules are fully compatible with charging using these lithium iron phosphate batteries.


Safety functions are also provided in the form of a charge and discharge controller for use with lithium-ion batteries, so the burden of system design is greatly reduced.


We can provide three types, each with different outputs, in response to solar panel and battery capacities.



We have been endorsed by device manufacturers ever since we began selling solar charge controllers for use with lithium-ion batteries.
In line with solar panel and battery types, thanks to the setting of a number of patterns enabling customization, compatibility is possible with various types of devices with WSC1 types. This ease of use is another of the reasons why our customers choose Waka.

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